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Cookie Policy

Cybertron Company Limited respects and values ​​the right to privacy and protection of personal information of customers, business partners, business partners. and stakeholders. The company is committed to protecting customer data. To collect, use, disclose, transmit and/or transfer the customer’s personal information to other parties. Protect customers’ personal information from misuse and keep it safe in accordance with international standards. To gain the trust and confidence of customers in the handling of personal information. Therefore, we have established a policy on the use of cookies. This explains the type, reason and nature of the use of cookies. including how to manage cookies of all websites of the Company Each website may use different cookies. You can view a list of cookies on the cookie settings page of each website you visit

1.1 What are cookies?

Cookies are small computer data (text files) that will be installed. or save it to your computer or electronic device when you visit the website. Cookies will remember information about your use of the website. The Company will also refer to other technologies that perform similar functions as cookies.

1.2 How does the company use cookies?

The company uses cookies to collect information about the use of personal data subjects. To collect information and collect market research statistics. trend analysis as well as to improve And control the operation of the website and / or application. The collection of cookies is information that does not directly identify the owner of the personal information. The company will use cookies when you visit the website of the company. The use of cookies can be categorized according to the nature of their use as follows:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
These types of cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. in order for the website to function normally. be safe and make you able to access the website such as logging in to the website Authentication (You cannot disable this type of cookies through the system of the Company’s website)

Analytic Cookies
These cookies store information about your use of the website. To enable the Company to measure, evaluate, improve and develop the content of products/services and the Company’s website. To increase your good experience in using the website (if you do not agree that the company Using these types of cookies, the company will not be able to measure, evaluate and develop the website.)

Functional Cookies
These cookies help to remember information about the computer or electronic device you use to visit the website. Registration or login information, settings or options you have made on the website, such as the language displayed on the website. so that you can use the website more conveniently without having to provide information or reset every time you use the website (if you do not consent to the company Use these types of cookies. You may not be able to use the website inconvenient and ineffective).

Cookies to personalize content (Targeting Cookies)
These types of cookies store various information. This may include your personal information and create a profile about you. for the company able to analyze and present content or advertisements that are suitable for your interests (if you do not consent to the Company’s use of these types of cookies You may receive general information and advertisements that are not relevant to your interests.)

1.3 Use of cookies by third parties (Third-Party Cookies)

The Company’s website contains links to third-party websites. which those websites may have a privacy policy that is different from that of the company Ask the owner of the personal information to consult the privacy policy of that website. To understand the details of personal data protection and to decide on the disclosure of personal information The company is not responsible for the content, policies, damage or actions caused by third party websites.

1.4 Managing cookies

You can choose to set individual cookies, except Strictly Necessary Cookies, by “setting cookies” or by setting a preference in your web browser, for example to prohibit the installation of cookies on your device (by disabling it. The use of cookies may prevent you from using different websites. effectively)

1.5 More details

1.6 Updates to the Cookie Policy

The company reserves the right to update, change or modify this cookie policy in the future. under the regulations of the law And any changes the Company will announce through the Company’s website.