In the situation when organizations are under cyber threat attacks, it could lead to damage or loss of invaluable data of those enterprises, customers, and business partners, also reputation and trust which have been built for years. The effective incident response, which is fast, in time, at the scale of hours or days; is one of the key success factors to recover systems and operations back to normal stage, including conducting digital forensics to find and eradicate the root cause to prevent future repeat incidents.

Even though, many organizations may be at certain levels of readiness in monitoring and responses to cyber threats, some incidents do require experience specialists to provide quick recommendations, collect the evidence, in-depth analysis to help the organization conduct effective responses for that situation. It is crucial to have this team available when needed to overcome such events.

Cybertron has teams of experienced specialists for this purpose. They are fast and ready to be mobilize and effectively take on the assignment upon urgent clients’ demands.

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