CYBER W.A.R. Cyber Warrior Attack Range

Get Comprehensive Cybersecurity Competency Development

Developing cybersecurity personnel is crucial in the digital economy era where cyber threats have become more advanced and sophisticated. These threats can target crucial sectors such as the military, electricity, water supply, energy, and banks at any point of time. To swiftly enhance cybersecurity capabilities and effectively counter these threats, personnel must be readily and continuously prepared. Our Cyber W.A.R. is a simulation-based platform, designed to provide users with real-life scenarios and a strategy simulation. Built-in with self-learning features, our keen solution received “Thailand ICT Excellence Awards” in 2017. 


Designed to demonstrate a real-life cybersecurity operation within a virtual environment, CYBER W.A.R. covers every aspect of cybersecurity e.g., Offensive, Defensive, Digital Forensics, Auditing, and Intelligence. Each scenario is carefully customized by our security specialists with over twenty years of experience.

Users can easily manage competitions, set training duration, and benefit from a flexible scoring system tailored to evaluate specific performance.

CYBER W.A.R. Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Real-life scenarios
Hands-on scenarios crafted by security specialists that match current cybersecurity landscape and trends.

Multi-mode Selection
Offensive, Defensive, Digital Forensics, Auditing and Web-Application Exploit.

Virtual Geolocations
Aim and choose your targets in these virtual environments

“Comprehensive, User-Friendly,
and Cost-Effective.”

All user performance can be tracked and evaluated to identify equivalent levels of international standards.

Asia’s Premier Solution
CYBER W.A.R. is the only Cyber Range solution created, managed, and monitored by the Thailand team.

Designed to be used by both security and non-security professionals with practices to develop their cyber skills

Good for Competition
Equipped with Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) model that can be used to run a team-based competition.

Scenarios can be customized to match user’s skill sets and job roles.

User activity and progress can be monitored to ensure maximum learning effectiveness.

Every user’s skill can be measured and referenced to the equivalent levels of internationally accepted certificates.

Asia’s Premier Solution
The only Cyber Range solution created, managed, and monitored by the Thailand team.

Easy and Intuitive
Created to enable security and non-security professionals with hands-on practice to prepare them in various scenarios.

Equipped with Cyber Defense Exercise (CDX) model for team-based competition.

Scenarios can be customized to user’s skill sets and job roles.

Fully Monitored
Every user’s action and progress can be monitored for maximum learning effectiveness.

“The Only Cyber Range Solution Created, Managed and Monitored by Thailand Team. “

The system can simulate Windows, Linux, and Network Devices platforms, covering major scenarios in cybersecurity environment.

Progress and performance of each user can be tracked to identify the equivalent levels of international certificates. 

This platform enables users to study and conduct a cybersecurity experiment without having to go through the tedious step of setting up network environments. The solution is integrated with a build-in assistant, which can guide them through each step of learning and achieving a continuous cybersecurity competency development.


The system is designed to simulate the whole infrastructure and network environments, such as firewall and network switches.

Every aspect of the user performance will be evaluated. This will give an overview analysis of the ongoing capabilities of each learner.

All users are guided by a built-in assistant that leads them through all learning steps and chapters.