If your organization aims to build SOC (Security Operation Center) to improve the readiness by monitoring cybersecurity threats which increasingly complex and causes larger and larger impacts to businesses and supply chains, look no further.

To build an effective SOC operation within limited timeframe as demanded by top management and organizational requirements is a true challenge of any executives. Also building a team of experienced staff to run it with well-designed SOC processes even make it more challenging.

Cybertron, one of the leading SOC Outsourcing service providers in Thailand, equipped with years of experience in serving various clients from CII (Critical Information Infrastructure), including financial institutes, energy, enterprises from many industries; is the best choice to provide consultancy services on building a successful SOC operations as expected by many clients.

What you will get from “SOC Now!”


For many organizations and enterprises, SOC Now! can be the best way to get what they expect, in a very short period, just like those whom already success by choosing SOC Now! before.